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How to Contact us?

Call (815) 262-1800 from 7am-10am, or you can fill out the sign-up form below.

After 10pm Leave a message to schedule a pick-up or to leave a message. Calls will be returned after 7am the next day.

Pick up & Delivery Timing:

7:00am - 10am Pick up & Delivery (Except Sundays)

Delivery Charge

$6.00/order; includes pick -up & delivery trips.


Fixed or Varying Pricing:

Fixed Pricing: 1-13 pounds = $20 (minimum) 

                         Above 14 pounds Add $1.35/pound

Varying Pricing: $1.35/pound above 14 pounds

                             The varying pricing option was designed for larger loads. 

                             ***The Certified Scale at The Laundry Room will be used for all orders.***

What we can't Launder:

Blood stained laundry or sheets

Gasoline or paint thinner soaked rags or clothing

Items with "Do Not Wash/Launder" or "Dry Clean Only" tags

How to Pay:

Cash or Check. 

We are working on adding Credit Card acceptance at pick-up or drop off for special orders or loads over 25 pounds..

Order ticket/envelope is provided for orders and payments. 


Completed Laundry:

Laundry will be returned washed, dried, folded or on hangers* (if requested) and bagged in plastic for protection. Folded & bagged clothes will be returned in the reusable laundry bag provided.

*Hangers: First 10 hangers are provided free. You can send hangers with your laundry or purchase additional hangers for $.10 shirt hangers, $.15 strut/pant hangers.

Laundry soap used:

For regular laundry orders a liquid Tide equivalent is used. Alternative soaps can be used, if requested, at $.50/machine load. See list of soap alternatives.

Laundry Bag

A heavy duty canvas bag will be provided free of charge when reused for future orders. Unused/not returned canvas bags will be charged $7.00 after 30 days.

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